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Cooper Noah // A Birth Story

Christine and i go all the way back to those awkward Middle school years. She was sweet and kind, and had a lovely laugh. We attended the same high school, and college group. So i couldn’t have been happier when she contacted me about Birth photography.

When i met with her and Mark for their consultation, it was easy to see their chemistry and it made me so excited to be a part of this journey with them. 

Christine had experienced quite a bit of Prodromal labor the last half of her pregnancy, but she pushed through it and kept working and going about life. She was so good at keeping me updated after each of her OB appointments, especially with the possibility of her going into early labor, which was the case with her first child. 

About a week and a half before Cooper was born she had another false alarm. She called me at 1am and i headed to the hospital. She was checked and was at 3cm, walked the halls for about an hour, and was still at a 3, so they sent her home. I felt so bad for all the pre labor she was having. She amazed me with her resilience. I knew that once Cooper was ready, that it was bound to happen fast. 

On the morning of October 3rd, 16 days before his due date, Christine texted me that she was having more signs of labor, and that her contractions were pretty strong. Her husband, Mark, was going to head home from work, pack his bag, and then they were going to head to the hospital. I brought my children to my moms house, which is about 16 minutes from the hospital she was planning to deliver at. She said that once they arrived she would be monitored,  and then she would let me know when to come, as they would have a better idea of how she was progressing. When they were almost to the hospital she texted me again saying that her contractions were intensifying and that i could head that way. So i did. 

That was at 11:25am and he was born at 11:43am. She barely made it into her room. Cooper was so ready to meet his mom and dad! 

I’ll admit that it was disappointing to not be able to capture his actual birth, but sometimes babies have other plans, and they take everyone by surprise. It adds to the uniqueness and beauty of birth. 

As i walked, i mean, ran, into their room, and saw those bright smiles and heard their laughs, i just felt so thrilled for them to be on the other side of the waiting game. She had done it! It wasn’t exactly how she had envisioned, but that was okay, because he was here and he was healthy. Mark was overwhelmed with how fast it had all happened. I photographed as he just kept looking back and forth in amazement at Cooper and Christine. His eyes were full of wonder for them! 

Cooper was adorable and calm and looked so content to be in his mama’s arms. She breastfed him and he latched on perfectly. She looked radiant, not at all like someone who had just had a baby. 

Thanks again, Christine and Mark, for letting me be a part of this journey with you. 

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