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Violet Mae // Birth

This Home birth was a special one to me. The attending Midwife for Jodie and Chris, was the same Midwife that was at my own Mothers 5th Homebirth. This Midwife was at the birth of me! How cool is that?! It was wonderful to be there to photograph her as she did her work so skillfully. The birth of Violet was only 3 days after my 29th birthday. And yes, i was secretly hoping that this sweet baby girl would be born ON my birthday. But alas, it was still such a gift to be a part of her birth space as she made her journey into the world. 

Here is her story: 

Jodie contacted me on Sunday evening to let me know that she had been having contractions since that afternoon. She invited me to come when her Midwife was on her way. I arrived around 9pm. She was sitting on the couch and every 5 minutes or so she would take a moment to breath through her contractions. She was hoping to give birth in her bathtub, and so we all headed upstairs. Their two sons slept soundly in their bedroom down the hall. As she labored, Chris danced between getting some last minute preparations done, as well as poping into the bathroom to sit with her.  She labored for about 2 hours and then her Midwife checked her. She was at 4cm. 

She moved to their bed so that they could listen to the heart tones. 

After some discussion, her Midwife thought it would be best if we left so that she could get some good sleep. She anticipated that their baby girl wouldn’t make her entrance until the next day. I could sense Jodie’s dissappointment, as she had been so excited to be meeting her daughter so very soon. As i left, i asked for them to let me know of any changes or progressions and wished them a good nights sleep. 

I arrived home at 11:30pm. 

Another Birth Client contacted me shortly after midnight to let me know that she, too, had been having contractions since that afternoon. At that point, i sent some messages out to a few of my back up photographers. I’ll be honest, it was tricky to get any solid sleep after that. 

At 5:09am Chris texted that it was time and that she was pushing! I was in my car at 5:11am. Baby girl, Violet Mae, was born Monday morning at 5:17am, into her daddies arms! My first image of them was at 5:28. 

Their Midwife arrived about an hour later. As they waited, Jodie seemed so relaxed and peaceful as she sat there in their tub, cradling their daughter in her arms. Chris shared with me how Jodie had progressed during the night and they chuckled about how fast it had all happened at the end. They knew Violet was coming once her bag of waters had broken. Thankfully, he was able to snatch a few photos of the birth with his cell phone. 

They moved into their bedroom to do the newborn exam and snuggled in for some rest just as the sun was coming up. 

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