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Darcie Rae // Birth

Birth. It’s a magical thing. Fast, slow, so unpredictable. 

For Savanah it was a very overdue labor that spanned across a few days. This was her 5th baby and 4th girl. What a lucky little baby to have so many people to love on her. 

This was the 2nd time Savanah had hired me to photograph her birth. So it was extra sweet for me to be there to capture their family growing yet again. 

On the morning of the 8th, she let me know that her contractions were picking up, and that her Midwife was heading over. So i did the same. I arrived before the Midwife around 5am. The house was quiet, and she was laying on the couch. 

One by one, the Midwife team, and family members entered their home. Savanah got into the pool for a little while, and the lights were turned low. Her contractions were spacing out, and didn’t seem as intense as time went on. 

Her Midwife encouraged the family members to leave. The Midwife team then packed up, and everyone left Savanah and Connor to labor alone around 9am.

I checked in with her during the day and wished her rest, and sent her a picture that i had taken to encourage her and show her how strong her body was. 

That evening i went out to dinner with my husband at a restaurant right around the corner from their home, just in case i was called back. As soon as we got home i received a text from Connor at 9:45pm that baby had been born. 

I headed out the door, and again arrived before anyone else. 

What a sight to see Savanah laying on the bottom bunk in her daughters bedroom, with Connor kneeling beside her. The room felt calm, as if nothing had even happened. 

Darcie Rae came into the world on February 8th at 9:25pm.
 Weighing 8lbs 14oz and 21.5 inches long!


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